About Us

AMC is an affiliate marketing company for shopping online for the latest clothes & fashion deals. With access to over 50,000 products, fashion clothing, footwear, accessories, and beauty care. New lines are added each week and AMC strives to offer quality products inspired by the latest fashion trends from around the world and bring the top deals to you at affordable prices.

Our story

Have you ever spent hours on the internet only to find that what you are looking has too many multiple choices, insufficient information or too expensive?

Our Mission

So here’s the deal. There are many bloggers, fashion gurus, designers, and products out there for women and men who seek fashionable clothes or a fashionable look, but combing through all that information on the internet can be downright overwhelming, especially if you’re new to searching the internet for fashionable clothes on a tight budget.

AMC is an affiliate marketing company for shopping online for the latest clothes & fashion deals. AMC delivers inspiration and information to the internet shopper with a special focus on new trends and those just starting to seek their fashionable look. Our mission is simple, we create and promote reliable content from around the web and then organize it so you can get to what you need to know quickly.

Our journey started over nine years ago in 2009. Then there wasn’t the wealth of information and resources on the internet that there is today. The frustration of finding the correct product information was difficult.

Today the problem has reversed, there’s lots of information out there but how do you know where to start, or more importantly, what’s reliable?

Whether you’re trying to locate a fashionable outfit, dress, suit, jeans or trainers at an affordable price; or just looking for information on fashion trends, beauty treatments and make up tips; or exploring the idea of experimenting with fashion trends, we’ve got you covered.

Remember “Shopping on the internet should be fun!”


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